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Whistleblowing System

Currently, the Company does not have a standard whistleblowing system, but the Company considers the importance of input from all parties with the objective of monitoring, preventing irregularities and following up on constructive complaints about various types of violations that could harm the Company.

How to Submit The Report of Violations

1. Each Stakeholder may report to the Company in case of any misuse, abuse or violation of the business ethics and applicable law, company regulations, misuse of authority and other violations that may harm the Company or its stakeholders.
2. The Company hopes that the submission of reports is not

The Handling of Complaints

1. The Company receives all reporting or complaints submitted in writing with the name, address and telephone of the sender who can be contacted.
2. The Board of Directors further issues any reports of infringements received to ensure truthfulness and are immediately urged to minimize the impact of losses incurred while maintaining the identity of the reporting party.

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