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Annual Reports

Through the Annual Report, we communicate our vision and mission as well as our leadership in the industry. We also share our focus, strategy and our deliveries in both operational & financial then.  At last we report to stakeholder our practices in Good Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility.

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

PDF | 16.53 MB

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017

PDF | 11.07 MB

Financial Reports

PP Presisi today is a leading integrated heavy equipment based construction company. PP Presisi is on pole position to seek opportunities in infrastructure development in Indonesia as well as region. Our engineering capacity builds on our strengths in technology, innovation and services to generate sustainable growth, high margins and high returns for investors. Our Investor Relations team love to share any operational, financial and recent development update.

Financial Report 2018

Full Year Audited

PDF | 4.13 MB

9 Months Unaudited

PDF | 3.27 MB

6 Months Unaudited

PDF | 1.84 MB

Financial Report 2017

Full Year Audited

PDF | 3.96 MB

7 Months Audited

PDF | 4.69 MB

Financial Report 2016

Full Year Audited

PDF | 9.55 MB